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Soviet Propaganda & Anti-Religious Campaigns

Conversations about Drawing

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Viktor Deni, "1st May", poster 1929, lithography print
Soviet Propaganda and Anti-Religious Campaigns
700 940 Lines & Marks

To win in the civil war, the sprouting Soviet power had to ensure it was supported by the workers and the peasants. How could they show the illiterate population that the Bolsheviks were on their side?

Njideka Akunyili Crosby, "Nwantinti," 2012.
Acrylic, charcoal, pencil color, collage and transfers on paper. 
5.57 ft. x 8 ft. [Photograph by Marc Bernier. Image Courtesy of the artist and Victoria Miro, London]
The Drawing Center/Le Prix Canson – 2016
1080 786 Lines & Marks

Inspired by a “shared passion for drawing and by their ambition to promote art to wide and diverse audiences,” the 2016 edition of the Prix Canson is a collaboration between Fonds Canson and The Drawing Center. The 2016 Prix Canson winner is Njideka Akunyili Crosby and the finalists are Ruby Onyinyechi Amanze, Bethany Collins, David Shrigley and Lucy Skaer.

32 Symbols found in Ancient Caves from Europe
1080 607 Lines & Marks

“I often find myself wondering what drove these people to go so deep to brave dangerous and narrow passageways to leave their mark?” – Genevieve von Petzinger

Gustave Dore, "Young Beggar," Pencil & Watercolor.
Paul Gustave Louis Christophe Doré
497 1000 Lines & Marks

Doré was born in Strasbourg on 6 January 1832. By age five, he was a prodigy troublemaker, playing pranks that were mature beyond his years.

Lines & Marks is dedicated to nothing less than the root of everything“Drawing is the root of everything, and the time spent on that is actually all profit.”—Vincent van Gogh, The Hague, 3 June 3, 1883, to Theo van Gogh. – Drawing. Via candid conversations and beautiful, interactive artwork presentations, Lines & Marks explores the act of mark-making as a quintessentially human compulsion and the foundation of visual thinking, writing, art, mathematics, and science. Practically everything conceived by humankind began as collection of marks, from hieroglyphics to modern art to nanobots. Lines & Marks examines mark-making as a driving force in human innovation and aims to beautifully present it in all its innumerous forms, whether they be banal, utilitarian, or glorious.    Read More…

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