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    What do you like about the Art World? What do you dislike?

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    On the one hand the art world is still one of the only places that gives context and expression to traditional and new visual art mediums. On the other hand, the art world reminds me of the housing bubble – galleries and museums maintain an air of pompousness and exclusivity to create inflated value, usually based on little merit in the work (so much art these days seems so vapid and w/o technical skill – One can’t help feeling like the emperor has no clothes). I also feel that art has little relevance any more to the average person on the street, and art, artists, and the art world don’t seem to care to be more inclusive. Many people just shrug their shoulders and say they don’t get it. Art’s audience is then mainly the art world, which is very limited. That makes it less and less relevant.

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    That is an interesting perspective BDB.

    Do you think there is a solution to it, and if so, what?

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    I have no idea! Maybe it’s dying out like ballet. Maybe books and films are still the most powerful mediums at this point…

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